The Student Council feels that it is the responsibility of all students to have good school spirit and citizenship. Both are shown when working in class, athletics, and all school functions. All students should show good sportsmanship in all school activities.

Sportsmanship always has been a mark by which one’s school spirit is judged. Here at FGHS we strive to practice good sportsmanship and earn a good reputation with those who visit our school as well as with those whose schools we visit.

Friendliness is an important part of practicing sportsmanship. Serving as hosts or visiting as guests, a friendly attitude gains friends and creates a healthy atmosphere for the game. If we treat all those who come to support their teams as we would like for them to treat us, this courtesy is more likely to be returned.

Good sportsmanship automatically leads into good school spirit. If students uphold the honor of the school, the feeling of loyalty will be greater. Each individual connected with the school is, in a way, responsible for the reputation, the general behavior, and the glory of the school. So let’s keep our school on top and have fun doing it.