Hello friends and family of Fair Grove!

My name is Jason Buschman, but you can call me Mr. Jason! I have the honor of serving the as the elementary school counselor. As the elementary counselor, I teach our students about life, school, and career skills. I go to each class, PK-4 grade, biweekly and we have a great time! I also lead groups for students who want to learn more about life skills. If a student ever wants to talk to me about anything, I am here for them!

I help students, but I also help the family. If a students' family needs help, I work with administrators, nurses and teachers to make sure families have basic needs met. We are able to help families get food, clothing, and extra counseling for the student. If you have a need, please let me know, and we will work to get the help your family needs.

I have a Facebook page where I share my lessons, updates, resources, and more! Feel free to follow and keep updated with what is going on with the Fair Grove Elementary Counseling Program!

-Mr. Jason