Introduction to Google Classroom

Feeling a little unsure when your child has an AMI day or gets on their Google Classroom? Take a short tour with FG Music Teacher, Audra Harmon to get some tips on navigating in your student's virtual learning world.

It is important that our parents understand the interface we are using with our students when they need to attend a virtual class and/or turn in a virtual assignment. Please watch these videos to learn more about the basics of the Google Classroom platform.

The first video is the basic overview of Google Classroom and the homepage tools. 

The second video is the walkthrough of classroom specific things:

Below is a more detailed outline of Google Classrooms which is covered in the videos:

What is Google Classrooms

Module for virtual instruction, or an online classroom

How to sign up/accept an invite

Home Page

  • Classes Currently Enrolled in

  • Plus Button to add class code

    • The teacher can invite students directly

  • Left Side

    • To-Do List

    • Missing and Done Tab

  • Calendar view

    • View upcoming assignments

  • Class View

    • Stream, Classwork, People

    • Stream

      • Looks like a running blog post with everything, or only announcements

      • Left Side of class view home page, upcoming events

        • Choose view all to see all assignments

        • Turned in vs missing (click to see assignment details)

        • Filters on left - Returned with grade

          • Which have been graded and grades assigned

          • Dialogue box, click to see what comments teachers have left

          • Missing - see which assignments are missing.

    • Classwork tab

      • Place where assignments are posted

      • Topics based on units or weekly assignments depending on the teacher. Classwork, Homework, Tests, Review etc…

      • Possible that teachers have not set up topics and you have to search through to find the assignments.

      • Click on an assignment and then click view assignment and it will allow you to see the information that the teacher left about the assignment including due date, points possible, files that have been attached to the assignment and directions on how to complete assignments. 

      • Sometimes comments are turned off, so they are not able to make comments to the entire class. They can still make private comments that will be sent to the teacher to help with instruction. 

      • To view the work that has been attached, click on the work on the right side of the page. 

      • If a teacher has not made a copy for each student - a walkthrough

        • If the teacher has made a copy for each student then to turn in the assignment the student should click turn in at the top of the page.

        • If the teacher has not made a copy for each student, then you will need to go to File - Make a copy. Then you’ll need to attach that copy to Google Classroom

        • Once you have submitted your work, you cannot edit the assignment until it has been returned to you.

        • Add or Create -- Use if you need to add an additional document to your assignment.

        • Question - Type the response in the top right side of the screen and then turn in

          • Depending on how the teacher has the assignment set up, students might be able to view their classmate’s answers. 

      • Calendar view for each individual class.

      • Guardian Summaries

        • Teachers add you as a guardian in Google Classroom

        • You’ll receive an email asking you to participate in Guardian Summaries

        • Frequency of emails

        • You’ll get a summary of missing and turned in work, as well as a summary of what is going on in the class for the week. 

Basic Overview

Announcements -

  • General information for the group. Extra activities, readings, or anything that is not typically turned in for an assignment.


  • Assignment 

    • Daily Work,

    • Review

    • Homework

  • Quiz Assignment

    • Quizzes or tests

  • Question

    • Review Questions or exit tickets


  • Materials needed for class. PDF copies of reading assignments, Chapter information from the books.

Teaching our Fair Grove students is definitely a cooperative effort and we appreciate your support at home to be familiar with these virtual learning platforms so we can reach our mission of giving students every opportunity to learn and grow for the world that lies ahead.