Nov. Bus Kindness Awards

This year the bus drivers are giving "Kindness" awards for students that have shown kindness on the bus. We are giving 2 awards per route each month. 

November's Winners are:

Rt-1: Saylor Cowles & Emma Schlak

Rt-2: Trenten Baumann & Cadence North

Rt-3: Addyson Nunley & Gabriel Faulk

Rt-4: Charlie Harp & Kalynn Swope

Rt-5: Zoe Mercer & Keith Nolan

Rt-7: Nate Waggoner & Brooke Haley

Rt-8: Masin Hughes & Sam Briley

Rt-10: Emma Sneed & Kassidie Eagleburger

Rt-11: Izzy Irvine & Isabella Drake

Rt-12: O. W. Morrison & Pearl Hollan

Rt-14: Violet Kissee