Senate Bill 291, enacted in 2009, created sections 167.018 and 167.019 RSMo, otherwise known as the “Foster Care Education Bill of Rights.”

These laws require public school districts and child-placing agencies to ensure that foster children do not fall through the cracks when it comes to receiving an education.

Section 168.018, RSMo, requires each school district to designate a staff member as the educational liaison for children in foster care. In the Fair Grove R-X School District, the educational liaison for foster care children is Dr. Kayce Knaup (417.759.2555 ext. 213,

Acting in an advisory capacity, the educational liaison is required to:

  1. Ensure and facilitate the proper educational placement, enrollment in school and checkout from school of foster children;

  2. Assist foster care students when transferring from one school or district to another, by ensuring proper transfer of credits, records and grades;

  3. Request school records of a foster care student pursuant to section 167.022, within two business days of a foster care student’s placement in a school; and

  4. Submit school records of foster care students within three business days of receiving a request for a foster care student’s records.

Section 167.019, RSMo, requires a child-placing agency, as defined in section 210.481, RSMo, to promote the educational stability of foster children.