(Information from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education)

Migrant education is a Title I.C federal entitlement program designed to provide supplementary education and human resource services to highly mobile children who are aged three (3) through twenty-one (21). 

Eligibility for the program is determined by the lifestyle of the parents/guardian, i.e moving across school district, county, or state boundaries for the purpose of seeking or obtaining temporary or seasonal work in agriculture or commercial fishing activities. Children must move with the parent/guardian or join the parent/guardian within 12 months of a qualifying move. Children who are determined to be eligible may remain eligible for up to 36 months without another qualifying move.

The mission of the migrant program is to provide educational and human resource service opportunities which strengthen and enhance the development of the migrant child and the migrant family. The migrant program focuses primarily on the educational needs of the migrant child and attempts to alleviate barriers to successful educational achievement.