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In response to inclement weather and the challenges of COVID-19, the Fair Grove School District will use an Alternate Method of Instruction (AMI) when necessary during the school year. The AMI plan will be utilized to limit priority Monday inclement weather makeup days or extending the school year into June. This Missouri Department of Education waiver allows school districts forgiveness for up to 36 hours for both inclement weather and emergencies such as water main breaks, electrical outages, etc. Under provisions of the AMI plan, all students and teachers will have a virtual instruction day without physically coming to school. Each student will be assigned classwork that must be turned in for the day to be counted as an attendance day. This could be done virtually or by turning in a paper assignment when school resumes. The superintendent declares inclement weather days as needed, and will also determine whether or not the day will be a virtual instruction day under the AMI plan when a snow day is declared.

Fair Grove R-X Schools Snow Days/Inclement Weather (AMI) Facts

Instructional Delivery: FGS will be providing a Chromebook device for all K-12th grade students. Both digital and hard-copy content will be available for students prior to AMI School Days or the day after students return to school if they could not access the internet.

Preparation: Teachers will prepare a digital lesson and/or a paper copy lesson for each student to complete each AMI day.

Content: Instructions for accessing digital content and hard copy packets will be provided throughout the school year. Content will be relevant to current Missouri learning standards being taught in the classroom.

Communication: An alert call, direct message, email, and social media posts will be made to all students and staff announcing AMI school days along with a reminder to complete AMI school work.

Accountability: Students will be required to complete all tasks assigned during an AMI day. Extended time will be available for those circumstances whereby the work could not be completed due to extenuating circumstances. Attendance will be based on the completion of AMI assignments.

Staff Availability: Teachers are required to maintain a minimum online presence or communication hours from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM. Teachers will be available on AMI days by both the Google Classroom platform or school email.

Questions: Contact your child’s teacher or school principal for additional information regarding the Inclement Weather AMI plan. 

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