Cox Health Virtual Clinics

Fair Grove R-10 School District has partnered with CoxHealth to bring a Virtual Clinic to our school. With Virtual Clinics in Schools, your child has access to great health care without leaving campus when they get sick during school hours.

Several health conditions can be treated through our Virtual Clinic without your child leaving school. Common health conditions that can be treated include, but are not limited to:

AllergiesMinor injuries/wounds
Cold symptomsPinkeye
CoughSkin rashes
Ear infectionsStrep throat

During your child’s visit, they’ll meet with a licensed physician or nurse practitioner using state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment at school. If you can’t be with them during the visit, you can join the conference using your mobile device, minimizing disruptions to your daily schedule.

To participate, read the attached FAQ sheet and complete the Consent to Treat form and return it to the nurse’s office or your child’s homeroom teacher.


View Clinic Information on the FG School website