Updated Guidance & 2nd Semester Virtual Notification Deadline

We would like to thank EVERYONE (students, parents, faculty & staff) for every single part of helping us navigate through a successful in-person first semester!  We understand the concessions both small and large that everyone has made to make that happen and we truly appreciate your cooperation in making this the most successful semester possible amid the pandemic.

The updated reopening guidance for the second semester has been posted to our website.  Please review this information because there are a few revisions plus the notification deadline of December 14th for second semester virtual learning decisions are on page 8.  Please review and contact your building principal as soon as possible if you are considering a virtual option.

We urge you to stay diligent in the simple things (handwashing, social distancing, mask-wearing) and to do daily wellness checks  to aid us in keeping our positive case numbers low so we can continue to educate your children in person.

Happy holidays and please stay safe out there.