Moved the Paper Recycling Bin

We have moved the paper recycling bin from the bus barn lot to just North of the baseball field. 

All of our Fair Grove School (PK-12th grade) recycling is collected by Middle and High School students and they need the bin at a walking distance they can quickly access to drop off the paper.

The bin is still accessible for community drop off of paper 24/7 and as always please be respectful of school property by not putting anything but paper or chipboard (cereal box type paper) in the bin and not leaving trash or bags around the bin.  The school organizes this effort to help teach our students the value of recycling, if the bin is abused by putting trash or cardboard in it the company providing the bin for free will not continue to work with us so please report misuse or direct questions to Lisa Bernet at 417-759-2233 x102.